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Latest Reports

Appeal Info - Full Draft Timetable

Appeal Info - Monitoring Arrays

Latest News

Natalie Bennett with members of PNRAG, Blackpool, June 2015

Natalie Bennett Supports Preston New Road Fundraising Appeal

Monday 31st August - Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader, said: "I've been hugely impressed by the grassroots community effort that won the initial battle against Cuadrilla in Lancashire, but of course the company has refused to accept the council's decision or bow to the strength of community opinion, so the campaigners have to continue to battle on. Volunteer effort has achieved wonders, but funding is also essential - please help them out if you can."

To find out more please see below, or visit the PNRAG web site

Sending donations direct by electronic transfer is best - PNRAG receives all the donation - but if you want to donate straight away through Paypal or by card -

Latest Reports

Appeal Info - Full Draft Timetable

Appeal Info - Monitoring Arrays

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DECC Licences and More Fracking Figure Fun

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Preston New Road Community Group Slams New Task Force Report

Presentations to LCC 18 June regarding Preston New Road planning application

Dr Ashley Bowes advice to LCC on behalf of Preston New Road Action Group

PEDL165 - 100 wellpads too many

Why UKOOG have got it all wrong on regulation

Waste water injection now an official policy?

Special Report - A fatally-flawed study.

Report Archive

We are now publishing occasional reports on this site, rather than regular daily and weekly news updates. The latest reports will be flagged on this page, see "Special Reports" for the full archive.

We recommend a visit to the excellent Drill Or Drop for an excellent fracking journalism site with regular news updates and archive.

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